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This is a math primer that is a little different. It is written using technologies such as React and WebGL with animated explanations of fields like Linear Algebra and Geometry designed to help you develop a visual intuition for what is going on. More fields will be added as time goes on.


The visualizations are partially interactive. They are done on sine-wave interpolations by default, but if a value is shown below the visualisation, in some cases, you can manually adjust it by dragging it from side to side, or just double-clicking and editing it. Animation will stop for that value as soon as you edit it, and you can undo the stopped animation by clicking the close button:.

Note that due to the limit on the number of concurrently running WebGL contexts implemented by most browsers, I have tried to use some smarts to disable contexts when they are not fully in view. So far, I have tested that this worked on Chrome and Firefox Quantum.

Why did you write this?

I mainly wrote this to help me consolidate my own notes on the subjects since I personally have a hard time instantly developing an intuition for math. And without the intuition, I have a hard time applying math to problems because I will not know what the tools are actually for.

Corrections, Errata

Given that I am not an expert in this area, its possible that I probably got something wrong. If you notice something that seems odd, you can reach me at s AT polysquare DOT org. Or, the code is open source, so you can just submit a pull request.


I use analytics providers such as Segment, Google Analytics and HotJar to get more information about what content and visualizations users are interacting with. If you are not happy about that, you can opt out of HotJar.